TRON Sequel Gets Points For Not Being A Reboot

Plus, it has the original Tron: Bruce FUCKING Boxleitner! AND cranky old Jeff Bridges vs. possibly-evil YOUNG Jeff Bridges Computer Program. And No. 13 from “House M.D.” dressed like a neon porn star from a Stanley Kubrick wet dream.

I don’t know why Disney thought making a big-budget sequel to a nearly 30-year-old movie that was only moderately successful in theaters was a good idea, but my inner 10-year-old kind of wants to return to Flynn’s Arcade even though most everybody else I know either hasn’t seen the original Tron or thinks it’s stupid.

However, my outer 38-year-old is positive the 3D will give me a headache. Fucking Avatar….

4 thoughts on “TRON Sequel Gets Points For Not Being A Reboot”

    1. Absolutely not. Tron is a humongous mess of a movie that has a place in cinema history because of its over-ambitious use of early CGI. However, it holds a special place in the hearts of computer nerds everywhere. It’s just like The Matrix, but shot through a coffee filter taped to a dark blue gel and everyone’s dressed in bike helmets and covered in reflective safety tape. They also throw frisbees at each other. Deadly frisbees.

  1. The 43 year old in me remembers “Tron’s Arcade” at Disneyland Anaheim the summer after TRON came out. They had special editions of the video games created as tie-in’s for the movie, and were in high gear for the saturation blitz. They almost got it right the first time- TRON was arguably ahead of it’s time yet had pretty much no appeal to younger kids or women- a mistake they’ll no doubt rectify this time around. I think they’ll get it right this timemaking it less philosophical and more like an adrenaline soaked action flick. The 13 year old in me wishes/hopes…

    1. That Wendy Carlos is somehow involved in the soundtrack
    2. They’d go back to TRON 2.0 as the title. It’s way better in the geeky way.

    1. Too true. Tron was way ahead of its time in marketing tie-in. And I did love the arcade game with that translucent blue joystick. If Tron opened up at the arcade I would even leave an in-progress Journey arcade game to hop on.

      1. No Wendy Carlos on the sequel. Daft Punk is doing the music.
      2. Agreed. Tron 2.0 is a better title. Or they could have gone fully-nerd and called it something like “TR0N 133T P0WN OMG LOL KTHXBAI”
      3. As cautiously optimistic as I am that this will be a decent explodey eye-candy movie, I am concerned at the picture’s apparent lack of Cindy Morgan.

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