5 thoughts on “Review – Shutter Island (2010)”

  1. I thought the first act was spectacular.

    And someone needs to take Robert Richardsons’s overhead spotlights off him. See if he can shoot a picture without them.

  2. I liked it. And not being a DiCaprio or Scorcese fan, I was surprised. I knew going into it, having already read the book, what was going to happen, but I did end up liking it. That music (sort of like the Law and Order “BONG BONG”) built up some tension for me. And I really like Patricia Clarkson and Mark Ruffalo. But please Leonardo, STOP with the crap accents. 🙁

  3. I actually had to call up this vlog just now to rebut an argument on a message board post that DiCaprio was a good enough actor to pull off the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby, so thank you, three-year-old Film Pigs Listicle.

    1. If we can support an internet argument with a 3-year-old drunken movie review, then we feel we’ve done our jobs. You’re most welcome!

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