Podcast #101 – Shark Movies

Spring is in the air and the Film Pigs are in the studio for a brand-new podcast! And it’s a full-on regular episode featuring all three Pigs talking Shark Movies! But we don’t just cover the rise of the Shark-centric movie since the 70s, we also cover the latest movie news, conduct important legal proceedings, get a visit from Todd’s cousin Tonn, play a lightning fast game, and so much more!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #101 – Shark Movies”

  1. The CGI in DEEP BLUE SEA was so bad they should have just called it JABBERJAW: THE MOVIE.

    The best bad shark movie is Bruno Mattei’s CRUEL JAWS, a epic of breathtaking ineptitude that splices in footage from other movies, most notably the notorious Italian JAWS knock-off GREAT WHITE.

    It contains such immortal lines of dialogue such as “This shark is a homicidal maniac!!” spoken by a guy who looks alarmingly like Hulk Hogan.

    1. It’s like they ran out of money to do all the final CGI rendering and said, “fuck it, let’s cut the movie with the previz.” Glorious.

      Must see Cruel Jaws.

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