Podcast #102 – The Bacon: Cold Reading Challenge

The Pigs of Summer are back with a brand-new podcast! Sure, it’s a Bacon episode since Falk is consumed with creating the Golden Age of Television, but remaining Pigs Todd and Skelton are not currently gainfully employed so why not do a podcast! This episode, the Pigs talk a bit about everyone’s favorite unclear-business-plan business, MoviePass. Then it’s on to a Cold Reading Challenge, the rules of which Skelton gets completely wrong because he wasn’t listening to Todd when they were explained. There is also a very unfair rating system employed by Todd.

2 thoughts on “Podcast #102 – The Bacon: Cold Reading Challenge”

  1. I’d seen Skelton be funny in sketches and stuff, but it turns out the little bastid is also really good doing dramatic cold readings!

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