Podcast #112 – Keanu Reeves

What better way to celebrate the release of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum than with a Film Pigs podcast dedicated to the man himself, Keanu Reeves? Don’t answer that! There is no better way! There! Is! No! Better! WAY! This episode has everything: thoughtful discussion on the career up-and-downs and the enduring star presence of Reeves, the latest movie news, courtroom drama aimed at entitled fans, a trivia game no one can get angry at but still manage to a little bit, and Todd’s dumb cousin reviewing some straight-to-video movie starring Mel Gibson’s kid. Prepare for war!

4 thoughts on “Podcast #112 – Keanu Reeves”

  1. I know people who work at Fox Studios in Sydney and they said that Keanu Reeves is genuinely one of the nicest people in the business. He is quiet and keeps to himself but he is also very approachable and will talk to anyone. There’s no ceremony with him.

    Also, that Ron Burgundy podcast is absolute shit. I’m someone who has always felt that Will Ferrell is about as funny as cot death, but based on the clips I have heard from that show he has reached comedic anti-matter.

    The world where people find that podcast funny is the same place where Hannah Gadsby deserves awards.

    1. If it’s ever revealed that Reeves has had a kitten torture dungeon filled with Nazi memorabilia this whole time I genuinely think I’d give up on believing in human goodness. I’d still see John Wick 4, of course.

      Ferrell’s hit and miss with me. I think part of that is his successes can be pitch-perfect (Elf) and his misses can be huge bombs (Holmes & Watson) that make you forget about his successes.

      I like the Hannah Gadsby show. It’s cool if you didn’t. Was definitely more of a performance piece than a standard standup special. The backlash was absolutely unnecessary, though. There’s like 4 million standup specials on Netflix. I turn off more than I watch. Then I spend half an hour scrolling through the hideous auto-playing menu and watch Backdraft 2 because, holy shit, they made a Backdraft 2 for some reason and fucking Donald Sutherland is in it.

  2. They made a Backdraft 2? I don’t think that Todd realises that the petitions are a symbol of protest and that the petitioner was not requesting that the show should be remade. The petition was intended to register displeasure. Not all those signing may realise the symbolic nature of the signing.

    1. We do understand that the petitions are more protest than realistic demand, but our point of view is that organizing displeasure of a piece of entertainment is a waste of time and that there are far better things to spend your protest energy on. Snarky tweets and drunken bar discussions are great, YouTube rants that match or exceed the running time of the hated thing in question are tedious. Petitions work when you want to save a cancelled TV show, to let a network know there is an audience they may have missed or been unaware of. A “we demand this garbage thing you made be remade to please us” petition only identifies an audience that will never be pleased.

      And Backdraft 2 is terrible, but I only considered starting a petition for about an hour after I watched it.

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