2 thoughts on “Podcast #113 – Dada. Why You Watch Geostorm?”

  1. There was a terrific disaster movie from Norway a few years ago called THE WAVE. It had a plausible story, good performances and tasteful, effective use of CGI. It is about as far removed from Roland Emmerich idiocy that you can get. The director then went to Hollywood to do the under-rated TOMB RAIDER reboot with Alicia Vikander.

    And speaking of Emmerrich, wasn’t he involved in all those cocaine-and-twink pedo parties Bryan Singer used to hold? I seem to remember reading that. How did he skate through all this? He’s got that big MIDWAY movie coming out, which looks like it’s made from PEARL HARBOUR out-takes.

    1. Will check out THE WAVE. I thought the Tomb Raider reboot was pretty fun.

      I think Emmerich managed to distance himself from the Singer accusations a while ago, although he was linked to at least one event. MIDWAY is going to be so full of CGI that didn’t get enough rendering time that I know is going to drive me crazy…

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