Podcast #114 – The State of Box Office Comedies

The Film Pigs are back, just in time for the July heatwave that’s melting the planet and is in no way the result of climate change. Nothing to worry about, except the unprecedented in recent history temperatures melting arctic ice and releasing long dormant pathogens! In this episode, the Pigs talk about the dearth of comedies in the cineplex, run down the latest movie news, engage in a well regarded trivia game, and so much more. Stay hydrated!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #114 – The State of Box Office Comedies”

  1. What, no love for the modern comedic masterpiece LOQUEESHA?

    Please tell me at least one of you has seen this cinematic hate crime.

    1. When the trailer started I thought maybe it was some kind of weird Kaufman-esque commentary, then I watched more of the trailer and thought oh, oh, no…

      I’m car wreck curious about it, but still haven’t seen it.

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