Podcast #115 – Video Game Adaptations

As summer draws to a close the Pigs return with a podcast related to everyone’s favorite pastime: remaining indoors, alone, playing Fortnite. This episode we’re talking video game adaptations and their place in the increasingly mega-franchise-focused movie world. Plus, the latest and greatest movie news, a harrowing case of courtroom drama, a game where Todd answers an impossible question, and so much more!

3 thoughts on “Podcast #115 – Video Game Adaptations”

  1. This reminds me of requesting you guys to do a commentary for SILENT HILL all those years ago, and the legend of ‘Stripper Cop’ that came out of it.

    Also,I thought the TOMB RAIDER reboot was a very entertaining meat-and-potatoes adventure flick. I hope they are pursuing a sequel, as I had heard recently.

    1. Simpler times.

      I’d totally see another Tomb Raider reboot movie, and hope they can make the sequel happen. However, it was kind of in the range of the mid-range budget (40-100m) that Hollywood is reluctant to make nowadays. And while it made money, it wasn’t a home run at the box office. It might work really well as a stripped-down streaming service limited series, like the BBCs 80 min Sherlock episodes.

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