Tonn Slingdog Alert!

Old Tonn wrote a book! That’s right, a book about his experiences as a scrapper actor! It’s funny and terrifying all at once! Order a copy today! Here’s the link:

Don’t Act: 101 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t (

You can also get it through Kindle if you want.

It’s the greatest book of all time!

4 thoughts on “Tonn Slingdog Alert!”

  1. Wish I could get it off Amazon UK, but I will try and get a copy somehow. Also a big congratulations man.

    1. You can probably order it from Amazon US, although the shipping is probably pretty expensive. Unfortunately, they only distribute through stateside amazon when you self-publish.

  2. Will be picking up a copy next I get some moneys in!

    By the by, just saw a Liberty commercial where Todd was washin’ a car that was bringing itself back to life.

    Tonn “The Magic Car Washman” Slingdog.

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