Podcast #118 – Year in Movies 2019

Happy Pigsgiving, dear listeners! The Old Fashioned Boys are back for a proper full episode talking about this year in movies! Plus, deep dives into the latest movie news, courtroom drama about the state of cinema, an extremely vulgar Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading, a game where Todd surprisingly doesn’t get that angry, and much more!

One thought on “Podcast #118 – Year in Movies 2019”

  1. It sounds weird to say, but TERMINATOR: DANK FART would have been a more interesting, tighter film if Arnold and Linda Hamilton weren’t in it. But I guess it’s a classic case of “Damned if ya’ don’t… damned if ya’ do.”

    Maybe having Arnold in ANYTHING that isn’t a new Conan movie just doesn’t appeal to anybody anymore.

    One of my favourite authors, Joe Abercrombie,. was one of the people brought into the ‘writer’s room’ to conceive this mess. Apparently the Mackenzie Davis character was largely his contribution. Not a big surprise since she is basically a re-skin of his heroine Monza Murcatto from his awesome novel BEST SERVED COLD. Imagine a medieval KILL BILL and that’s essentially what the book is.

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