Podcast #117 – Robert Forster & Sid Haig

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us! To celebrate the spooky holiday, the Pigs talk about two character actors that have passed on this year: Robert Forster and Sid Haig. We also cover the latest movie news, put a cinema professional on trial, play a thrilling game of trivia, and get inexplicably upset at Todd’s dental history.

Oh, and if anybody wants to read the ALLIGATORS script Todd & Skelton wrote, here it is:

Venmo us $100 million and we’ll be happy to make it.

6 thoughts on “Podcast #117 – Robert Forster & Sid Haig”

  1. Robert Forster was way too real and honest to ever win the Oscar he deserved for JACKIE BROWN. Pam Grier, too. The Academy prefers acting histrionics, like every movie Meryl Streep has done for the past 30 years.

    Falk’s case against Ang Lee was magnificent. Although I remember quite liking RIDE WITH THE DEVIL.

    And that movie WHAT IF was made from a wonderful script called THE F WORD that I loved so much I can’t bring myself to watch the finished film.

    1. Forster reprises his Breaking Bad character in EL CAMINO in a small, but pivotal part of the movie. As always, he’s effortlessly present as his character every second he’s on screen.

      Lee had gotten so enamored of film tech that he’s getting further and further away from his deft handling of character, it’s frustrating. Let Cameron be the cutting edge tech director. Give us more drama, Ang!

      I liked What If but I didn’t love it. I don’t know how much it deviates from the script, so YMMV.

  2. I was going to ask when you both wrote this but then I saw ‘Tandy’ and the ‘Madeleine Stowe’ reference and all was revealed.

    1. That image of the real alligator trying to mate with the inflatable would have been your water ripples in plastic glass moment.

  3. Solid sudden ending. Gnat’s ass plotting. Surely with a dedicated effects house trying to make a name for themselves you could do this on netflix 40-50 mill? The PETA angle would have been problematic but I’m sure you guys have already considered that. I’d pay to see this…and I rarely say that.

    1. I don’t think we really considered anything other than writing a ridiculous movie for Robert Forster. Especially considering some of the Very Hard R language from the Exec douche character. Although, it could easily be rewritten into a Netflix star vehicle. Hell, I’d even be happy with a low-budget SyFy production. Glad you enjoyed it!

      And, yeah, we wrote it a million years ago. Would definitely need a find/replace on references.

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