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Jealousy-fueled rants, opinions presented as fact, and biased half-truths about the movies.

Podcast #4 – The Leading Man

We’re back with the latest episode of The Film Pigs Podcast! In an amazing feat of willpower, we’ve managed to produce four episodes on a semi-regular basis! This week, the Pigs take on the state of the Leading Man in Hollywood, and why all those Brits and Aussies have taken over the role of Action Hero. Plus, fun with cold readings, trivia, Movie Jail, and more!

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Podcast #3 – Academy Awards 2011

We’re back with the third installment of the Film Pigs Podcast. We really think we’re hitting our stride with this one: no cell phone interference, no refrigerator noise, and only one spot where Stee’s dog loudly drinks from her water dish. We’re IN THE ZONE!

This week is all about the Academy Awards, which we’re sure no one has ever heard of before.

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Podcast #2 – Shaky Cam

We’re back with a brand-new Podcast, discussing all things movies and movie news! This week’s subject of ire is the shaky cam and how it’s become an annoying crutch used by filmmakers to convey frantic tension without having to actually craft a scene.

Also, as a bonus service to our listeners, at 7 points during the recording this podcast contains a meta commentary on how technology is advancing at such a rapid pace it is often difficult to tell when such technologies will conflict with each other. It is NOT a stupid mistake of putting an iPhone too close to powered speakers.

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Podcast #1 – Teen Comedies

Welcome one and all to the premiere Film Pigs Podcast! This new feature will focus on what the Pigs do best: extended complaining about the movies and the people who make them. Each episode will be based on a theme chosen by that week’s host and will contain rants, features, bits, thoughtful discussion, and the finest audio effects that can be crammed into a MacBook.

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