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Tonn Slingdog and the Horror Television

I know this is a movie site, or whatever, but my cousin Todd gave me his password and I am going to write about television now because I don’t care and shut up. The other day, while I was rifling around in Stephen Falk’s trash, I started thinking about the television shows I watch. Most of them are horror shows. I watch other things sometimes, but that’s because I like to complain about predictability and bland supporting casts. Hate-watching, I think it’s called. But I at least tried to love-watch a bunch of these new horror and sci-fi shows that are rearing their ugly heads these days. I like horror movies. And I thought it would be kind of cool to look at these sorts of film concepts being hijacked by weekly television series. At first it was. But I’m starting to get aggravated. And while I was picking around in those trash cans, it just came to me why that might be.

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