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Seth Rogan Thinks He’s Stoner Jesus

seth_rogen_stonerBecause I hate myself so completely, I continue to read Entertainment Weekly, and every week there’s at least one thing that boils my blood and causes me to involuntarily throw the magazine at my fireplace. This week it was an article about “stoner movies” in which the author boldly stated that pot movies make lots of money because they do. Way to go out on a limb! But it wasn’t the stupidity of the puff piece that made me mad given that I have been completely desensitized to inane puff pieces. What made me mad was Seth Rogan. He obviously feels he has made the best stoner movies to date. Continue reading Seth Rogan Thinks He’s Stoner Jesus

Commentary #5 – Hitch (2005)


There is a moment in this movie where an indignant Will Smith berates Eva Mendes for criticizing his job as a “date doctor” by making the point that women are too stupid and shallow to recognize the true qualities of a man. Therefore, men are justified in crafting elaborate lies in order to falsely win their affections. And she eventually agrees with him! Hilarious. There are also numerous jokes highlighting Kevin James’ awkwardness. All totally subtle. (IMDb)

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Commentary #4 – Meet The Fockers (2004)


And you thought previous performances from DeNiro and Stiller were embarrassing. The Film Pigs stagger through the most contrived screwball-family-comedy-barely-disguised-as-an- excuse-for-poop-jokes movie starring actors whose performances used to matter. Lifetime gross: $279 million. Why, America? Why? (IMDb)

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