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Podcast #26 – Movies About Movies

The Film Pigs are back for another podcast, following an endless series of post-Oscars parties (FYI, that little dog from The Artist has a terrible cocaine habit). This episode, we bring you up to date with the latest Movie News, including our final word on the Academy Awards. Then we jump into a brand-new segment highlighting favorite comments from our fans before we hit this episode’s theme: Movies About Movies. Plus all the usual fun stuff, including a highly personal Movie Jail where the expert witness is ONE OF THE FILM PIGS!

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Podcast #4 – The Leading Man

We’re back with the latest episode of The Film Pigs Podcast! In an amazing feat of willpower, we’ve managed to produce four episodes on a semi-regular basis! This week, the Pigs take on the state of the Leading Man in Hollywood, and why all those Brits and Aussies have taken over the role of Action Hero. Plus, fun with cold readings, trivia, Movie Jail, and more!

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WTF: James Cameron Disses Piranha 3D, P3D Producer Rambles At Cameron

File under Pointless But Fascinating. James Cameron talks trash about Piranha 3D, which is no great surprise since Cameron clearly thinks he’s some kind of modern-day Orson Wells, but the lengthy trash-response from P3D producer Mark Canton is really interesting. I can only characterize it as a literary tantrum. Directed at James Cameron. Which is silly. Read the exchange.

And, for the record, I thought Piranha 3D was WAY better than Avatar.