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WTF: James Cameron Disses Piranha 3D, P3D Producer Rambles At Cameron

File under Pointless But Fascinating. James Cameron talks trash about Piranha 3D, which is no great surprise since Cameron clearly thinks he’s some kind of modern-day Orson Wells, but the lengthy trash-response from P3D producer Mark Canton is really interesting. I can only characterize it as a literary tantrum. Directed at James Cameron. Which is silly. Read the exchange.

And, for the record, I thought Piranha 3D was WAY better than Avatar.

WTF: Avatar Making Depressed People More Depressed

Apparently, some folks are so overwhelmed by the special-effects in Avatar that they find life in the real world more depressing afterwards. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel any different about life in the real world after seeing Avatar. However, since reading this article about people being so emotionally affected by Avatar, I have fallen into a deep, deep depression.

On the upside, Jennifer Love Hewitt has bedazzled her vagina.

Via Huffington Post