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Podcast #35 – The Bacon: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers vs. Pinhead vs. Leatherface vs. Jigsaw

This is truly an epic episode of The Bacon on The Film Pigs Podcast. It took Todd nearly 20 minutes to conceive of this ultimate showdown. And the nice thing is, we recorded this episode in his office, where there was a multitude of DVDs to reference for accuracy. Which we did once, because we are lazy and don’t like to reach for things on high shelves.

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Podcast #32 – Gory Special Effects

We’re back! Better late than never! Unless you hate us, in which case this is terrible news! This time, we’re talking “gags”, or gory special effects. You know, the real gross stuff that gives you that quality nausea you can’t get from computer generated barf. Plus, the latest useless movie news, a movie jail trial with a surprise twist ending, a bizarre line reading, a trivia game that is actually a honest-to-God trivia game and not some stupid nonsense made up by Skelton, and more!

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Podcast #29 – The Bacon: Scary Animal Movies

Poor Tonn Slingdog showed up to do his usual DTV Corner segment, but found out he was alone. No Pigs showed. In an attempt to respect the podcast’s listeners in a way the usual hosts clearly do not, Tonn yammers for nearly half an hour about some horror movies featuring killer animals he vaguely remembers. Rambling and without a real point, at least this Pigs Podcast is…well, here.

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Podcast #24 – The Coen Brothers

A little late but worth the wait, the Film Pigs are back and we’re talking Coen Brothers – their movies we love, the ones we don’t get, and the few that just don’t work. Plus, a long talked about but never before accused addition to Movie Jail, a very Stormarey bizarre line reading, the triumphant return of Straight to DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog, a trivia game that’s actually a real trivia game and not total nonsense, and more! THERE’S ALWAYS MORE!

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