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Podcast #23 – Zombies!

The Film Pigs are back and we’re talking zombies! Slow zombies, fast zombies, angry zombies, blasé zombies, and even a few things that may or may not be zombies. And, yes, it’s impossible to talk about zombie movies without eventually discussing The Walking Dead, so add TV zombies in there as well. Plus, more of the stuff you love (or hate, we really don’t know): Movie News, Movie Jail, The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading, a Cold Reading, a rousing game of What’s Your Opinion?!, and – somehow, impossibly – not a single Cranberries joke.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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Podcast #18 – John Carpenter

What do you have to be thankful for this holiday season? Why, an extended episode of The Film Pigs Podcast, of course! This episode, the Pigs discuss the work of John Carpenter (including why Kurt Russell is awesome and underrated), puzzle over movies they hate but everybody else loves in a new segment, hear from their good friend Tonn Slingdog, create dazzling movie ideas in a rousing game of Pitch Me, and more! So very much more! My God, there’s so much, very much, more.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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Commentary #41 – Cabin Fever 2 (2009)


Happy Halloween everybody! The Film Pigs are proud to present another holiday-related commentary, this time of the classic flesh-eating sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. The movie so full of fever, they had to use the word “fever” twice. So you don’t forget there’s some kind of fever.

Pay close attention to the snacks in this commentary – they are particularly vile and you should approach them in real life at your own risk. Learn from our mistakes.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

Commentary #37 – The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)


Some kids grow up wanting to be a policeman, a fireman, or an astronaut. Not Dieter Laser. He looked at the state of mad scientism in the world and said “NEIN!” Frankenstein’s monster was great and all, but the creature was missing two critical elements: somebody attached to his butt and face. Herr Laser corrects this rookie mistake in an awesomely over-the-top performance that is nothing less than creepily delightful.  (IMDb)

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: Start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie.

Commentary #36 – Retardead (2008)


The second in our Holiday Season 2010 double-feature, Retardead is a more-or-less sequel to Monsturd. The mad scientist who created the poo creature from the first movie is back, this time injecting mentally challenged people with a serum that eventually turns them into zombies. Again, as far as gross/offensive premises are concerned, this is right on the money.

Unfortunately, the same issues from Monsturd remain: the ultra-low budget home movie style is made unwatchable by the entire production winking at the audience and itself in every scene. Retardead is also longer than Monsturd, which doesn’t help. The Film Pigs were pretty cranky by this point and in a much less forgiving mood. Which is the exact opposite of how you’re supposed to behave during the holidays. Maybe we ate too much Monkey Bread.


This commentary was recorded while watching Retardead on Netflix. All instructions for syncing to the movie are in the commentary, so give a listen and follow the crystal clear steps for maximum holiday cheer.