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Straight-to-DVD Corner with Todd: Killer Croc Movies

There was once a place called a grindhouse where one could go to watch “B” movies.  Ever since Hollywood co-opted the “B” movie and renamed it “the summer tent pole” movie, the grindhouse has moved into the living room.  That’s right, the only place to check out truly fun, low budget grindhouse movies is on your DVD player (and no, the Tarantino/Rodgriquez effort wasn’t true grindhouse fare, there was simply too much money involved.)  So, as a lover of trash cinema, I wind up watching a shitload of straight-to-DVD movies.  Most of them are unwatchable “DIY” features shot on home video cameras by amateurs who have no idea how to turn a shoestring budget into an entertaining story (and they also have no idea what it means to show instead of tell as these movies generally feature terrible and unattractive actors explaining to each other about what is happening/going to happen while the hapless audience slowly sinks into their throw pillows praying for a quick and painless end.)  Continue reading Straight-to-DVD Corner with Todd: Killer Croc Movies