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GeekNation Show #113 – Extra Hot

Tara Ariano and David T. Cole from Previously.TV and the Extra Hot Great podcast have been coerced into a Pigs show! They drink boxed popcorn, hassle with an extra big Rash Judgments segment, and then reveal the biggest secret that has ever been Internet revealed! Get ready to be blown out of the back of the theater!

TARA & DAVE WEEK ALERT: If you missed it, listen to Tara & Dave on this week’s episode of The Film Pigs Podcast! Do it!

Podcast #59 – Parody Movies

It’s the start of Tara & Dave Week here at Film Pigs! That’s right, Tara Ariano and David T. Cole of Previously.TV and the Extra Hot Great podcast are our special guests on a brand-new regular episode! This time we’re talking parody movies, the latest movie news, Tara puts a celebrity on trial in Movie Jail while Dave brings us his Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading, Falk and Tara bond over Todd’s completely ruleless and unfair game, and so much more! So much more, you guys!

TARA & DAVE WEEK ALERT: Keep an eye out this Thursday when Tara and Dave are the guests on our web show, Film Pigs on GeekNation!

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