4 thoughts on “Review – Final Destination 5 & Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”

  1. My problem with the new APES movie was that it was PG-13. Think about it, why exactly is the idea of apes overtaking a city the scariest thing ever? Because apes are inhumanly strong, vicious creatures that can peel your face off like the skin off a bowl of soup and pull your arms out just to see the look on your face.

    The movie should have shown stuff like that. Also, the ape prison sequence didn’t have one shower rape with some poor ape getting his red, distended anus plowed by other ape inmates. So phooey to that.

    Apart from that Serkis is great and Franco is reliably stoned and bland.

    1. While I would have been totally on board with a crazy violent apes-attacking-people picture, I appreciated how they kept the tone of the new film very much in step with the original. Super-violent apes would have messed with that.

      Also, please seek help for your clear ape rape issues. There has got to be some kind of pill to fix that.

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