Podcast #14 – Sports Movies

DUN-DUN-CHAH! DUN-DUN-CHAH! Get our your jerseys, pennants and giant foam hands, because the Film Pigs are talking Sports Movies! Seriously, get them out. And get seven other friends to join you. So you can paint letters onto your bellies. DO IT! This episode, the Pigs discuss America’s celluloid pastime that is the Sports Movie, bring you up-to-the-possibly-week-old Movie News, expose a professional’s cinema crimes in Movie Jail, play the world’s most exciting game of Movieball, and more!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:00:40 – Movie News
  • 0:05:22 – Host Stephen Skelton presents this episode’s theme: Sports Movies
  • 0:22:38 – Stephen Falk presents a case to send someone to Movie Jail
  • 0:32:47 – The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading
  • 0:35:55 – A cold reading from Rocky IV
  • 0:41:14 – Movieball!* (play the home game!)
  • 0:55:14 – The Bottom Five: Worst Sports Movies I’ve Ever Seen
  • 0:56:16 – A Moment Of Positivity
  • 0:57:18 – Outro
* What Todd was unaware of at the time of the game was that Mark Cuban had bought the North Hills Slingdogs and moved the team to Northridge.

8 thoughts on “Podcast #14 – Sports Movies”

  1. Top-notch podcast as usual. On the subject of sports movies with original stories, there is one coming out soon that even has a really fresh sport. Warrior is an MMA drama that has an original story, I think it looks and sounds to be a good movie. People are even comparing it to Rocky, now I don’t know about that but as an MMA fan I can’t wait to see if it does the sport justice and gives us a memorable story too. You guys are from CA, so there has to be at least one of you who likes the sport. Right?

    Also, what a surprisingly awesome game.

    1. Not a huge fan of MMA, but I appreciate the skill involved in the sport. I think WARRIOR could be good, even though the brother vs. brother angle seems a bit predicable (I do like the teacher going back into fighting to make ends meet bit). As long as the fight scenes go light on submission holds and keep the action fast.

      I am a bit soured on the movie, though, because of those damn video displays they’ve been putting in theaters. I was standing next to one playing the trailer over and over, with no delay between playback, and I got really sick of hearing “The two men fighting for the championship…ARE BROTHERS!!!”

      And, is Tom Hardy the heir apparent to Brian Cox? He’s in EVERYTHING now.

  2. Congratulations to Skelton for actually coming up with a movie trivia game more convoluted than Doug Benson’s ‘Leonard Maltin’ game.

    And the best sports movie ever is SLAP SHOT.

    “And they brought their fuckin’ TOYS with them!!”

  3. I went to see Captain America and I had a similar problem with the projection being too dim. The theater was a bit cheap, so I just assumed that the projector bulb was worn out. That really ticks me off that all it was was a setting. Why are people so stupid? 😛

    1. Also, there’s reports of cinema owners just being so cheap that they don’t use all the required amount of bulbs for their projectors just to save a few bucks.

  4. Another great podcast, guys. I can’t wait for the stunning success of the Movieball! board game, with its inevitable international versions, then some Berkeley resident’s invention of Anti-Movieball!

    Since Falk included Hoop Dreams in favorite sports movies, another favorite film that I didn’t hear included was Murderball.

  5. hehe, Movieball was awesome!

    For sport-movies I would recommend “Best Of The Best”, super cheesy and filled with clichés but quite enjoyable.

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