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MOVIEBALL: The Home Game

The latest Film Pigs Podcast featured a ridiculous trivia game called Movieball. Here are the actual rules and (SPOILER ALERT!) all trivia questions used in the game. If you want to play your own game of Movieball (and who wouldn’t?), you will need the following:

Podcast #14 – Sports Movies

DUN-DUN-CHAH! DUN-DUN-CHAH! Get our your jerseys, pennants and giant foam hands, because the Film Pigs are talking Sports Movies! Seriously, get them out. And get seven other friends to join you. So you can paint letters onto your bellies. DO IT! This episode, the Pigs discuss America’s celluloid pastime that is the Sports Movie, bring you up-to-the-possibly-week-old Movie News, expose a professional’s cinema crimes in Movie Jail, play the world’s most exciting game of Movieball, and more!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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