MOVIEBALL: The Home Game

The latest Film Pigs Podcast featured a ridiculous trivia game called Movieball. Here are the actual rules and (SPOILER ALERT!) all trivia questions used in the game. If you want to play your own game of Movieball (and who wouldn’t?), you will need the following:


Movieball is played in 12 innings, with an inning consisting of a single trivia question and Nerf basketball shot attempt. The team in possession of the ball (the OFFENSE) has an opportunity to answer the question and score points, while the opposing team (the DEFENSE) may try to thwart the OFFENSE using BLOCK CARDS.

A regulation Movieball basket is a Nerf basketball basket attached to the back of a chair above the seat. Shooting line is 8 feet from base of basket.

Both teams start the game with 3 BLOCK CARDS each. Each BLOCK CARD may only be used once during the game, and can only be declared by a team on DEFENSE before the OFFENSE answers their trivia question.

A coin toss called by the visiting team determines who has possession of the ball for the 1st inning. Then, each inning plays like so:

  • The OFFENSE is asked a trivia question. They may shout out their answer at any time, but they only get 1 guess.
  • If the question is answered correctly, the OFFENSE scores a Touchdown worth 2 points. Then, the OFFENSE shoots the Nerf basketball for a FIELD GOAL attempt worth an additional 1 point (8′ from base of basket attached to a chair). Whether or not the FIELD GOAL is successful, the OFFENSE maintains possession of the ball at the start of the next inning.
  • If the question is answered incorrectly or not answered, the OFFENSE FUMBLES the ball. the DEFENSE takes possession and the game proceeds to the start of the next inning.
  • Any time BEFORE the OFFENSE answers their trivia question, the DEFENSE may declare a BLOCK, using one of their BLOCK CARDS. The DEFENSE then chooses which type of BLOCK they will attempt:
    • TRIVIA BLOCK: The DEFENSE reads an alternate trivia question printed on their BLOCK CARD. If the OFFENSE answers correctly, they score a TOUCHDOWN and maintain possession of the ball into the next inning, but may not attempt a FIELD GOAL. OR
    • NERF BLOCK: OFFENSE must shoot a FIELD GOAL to score 1 point and maintain possession into the next inning. If OFFENSE misses, DEFENSE scores 1 point, takes possession of the ball and gameplay proceeds to the next inning.
    • After any BLOCK attempt, the DEFENSE discards the BLOCK CARD.

In the event of a 12th inning tie, winner is determined by Nerf basketball shootout. First team to miss loses, last team to score shoots first.


From 9/3/2011 Slingdogs vs. Falkons CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

Inning Questions

  1. Fill in the blanks of this line: “There’s no BLANK in BLANK!” CRYING, BASEBALL
  2. Name the high school football movie that went from the big screen to television series in 2006. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
  3. Who plays the coach in the original 1976 movie “The Bad News Bears”? WALTER MATTHAU
  4. What is the name of the small Indiana town that is the primary setting in “Hoosiers”? HICKORY
  5. In “All The Right Moves” Tom Cruise runs afoul of his coach, played by this actor. CRAIG T. NELSON
  6. The iconic theme music from “Chariots Of Fire” was written by which composer? VANGELIS
  7. Name the charming, mustachioed star of the original 1974 film “The Longest Yard”. BURT REYNOLDS
  8. In “The Rookie”, what state does Dennis Quaid’s character live and teach in? TEXAS
  9. Name the title of the first movie starring the Volkswagen racing Beetle named Herbie? THE LOVE BUG
  10. In which movie does Rocky Balboa become heavyweight champion of the world for the first time? ROCKY 2
  11. In “Major League”, Cleveland Indians owner Rachel Phelps wants to move the team from Cleveland to which city? MIAMI
  12. A future Hobbit plays the title role in this inspiring football movie. Name the picture. RUDY

Block Card Questions

  • In what 1940 Notre Dame football movie starring a future President of the United States is the team asked to “win just one for the Gipper”? KNUTE ROCKNE or KNUTE ROCKNE, ALL AMERICAN
  • In “Death Race 2000” Sylvester Stallone’s character, Joe Viterbo, has a nickname. What is it? MACHINE-GUN
  • Name BOTH 1990s movies about a long-distance runner named Steve. PREFONTAINE and WITHOUT LIMITS
  • Annie Savoy believes in the Church of what? BASEBALL (Susan Sarandon from Bull Durham, “I believe in the Church of Baseball.”)
  • What 1994 basketball drama was marketed with posters bearing the giant names “NOLTE” and “SHAQ”? BLUE CHIPS
  • Name the movie where kung fu master Stephen Chow assembles a sports team. SHAOLIN SOCCER
Movieball is copyright (c) Stephen J. Skelton, all rights reserved. Because I am going to make a FORTUNE off this!

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