3 thoughts on “Review – Let The Right One In (2008)”

  1. I’ve hardly seen any of those movies. But no Dark Knight? That was great. Iron Man rocked, too. I don’t quite get all the love for Wall-E (I was immune to Finding Nemo too, but I love the other Pixar stuff).

    I just caught part of Doomsday on Cinemax. That looked like a train wreck.

    1. Dark Knight was good but took itself way too seriously for me to put it on a “best of” list for the year. For all the stuff it got right it still got the same dumb things wrong that the previous Batman sequels did: 30-40 minutes too long and too many villains. Bear in mind, this is coming from a guy who was really hoping they were going to mine the Miller/Mazzucchelli Batman: Year One comic for the reboot so there would be less super villains and more crime fighting.

      I enjoyed Iron Man as a rental, but I don’t think I would have liked it in the theater (run time is a “pushing it” 126min, but felt much longer). The whole Stark/Stane fight at the end was a bit too silly for me (it was silly in Iron Man #200 as well, but at least Stane was more hardcore in the comic). Downey, Jr. was great, however. The movie would be unbearably dull without his performance.

      I loved Wall-E because I love robots and spaceships. Plus, I thought it was shot incredibly well, like a live-action movie and not a cartoon. I am continually impressed with the quality of Pixar movies – even when they’re not that great (I would say Cars is their “worst” movie) they’re usually better than every other feature out there, animated or not. And the marriage between Disney and Pixar is having the opposite effect I was expecting: Pixar is making Disney’s animated features better instead Disney watering down the creativity of Pixar.

      Finally, Doomsday is a glorious train wreck. It’s like Neil Marshall cut together favorite scenes from sci-fi and horror movies on his Mac and used that as his shooting script. Mindless fun.

  2. This IS best movie of last year. And one of the greatest ‘horror’ movies of all time.

    Expect the American remake to be nothing more than a pansy-ass TWILIGHT rip-off and remove every ounce of sensitivity and insight that this movie has.

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