4 thoughts on “Tonn Slingdog’s Weeds Character Arc! Hot Ginger!”

  1. Awesome. Thanks so much for putting this up. You know, I had no idea what Weeds was like until this. This whole time I thought it was about gardening or something. Not actual weed. Go figure.

  2. My my, they allow filthy language like that on TV nowadays?

    That kid seemed like a right cockgoblin.

    Well done Tonn my son, you were the best actor in that clip. That you were able to contain yourself from having an erection while Mary Louise Parker leans over you as you sit in your underwear is an award worthy feat.

    I hope that guy was listening to FilmPigs on your Zune. If Microsoft can get such a shameless plug why not the Pigs?

    1. Excuse me, Todd is happily-married and a professional actor. How dare you suggest he would partake in such unprofessional behaviour.

      I, on the other hand, am neither of those things. So yeah, I would have cracked a fat you could pole vault with.

      But to raise the tone slightly, Todd always brings it, no matter what the role. He should be in the pik-chers.

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