5 thoughts on “Review – Zombieland (2009)”

  1. Stee looks good without his mustache.

    Awesome review. It’s nice that a movie was finally made for Todd. Finally, the world gives back.

  2. Nice to see you’ve overcome your grief and are entering the post-Swayze-Hughes-Jackson-Fawcett world with a song (well, a pun anyway) in your heart. I hope your new status on the pro-am movie review circuit doesn’t keep you from doing commentaries. Just sayin’… it’s been a while….

  3. It rocked, but I think the celebrity cameo (which I won’t spoil) was kind of distracting, even though it had some good laughs.

    And the crack about Garland at the beginning? I live in Plano, which is like 10 minutes away from Garland, and that joke got a louder laugh than ANYTHING else in the movie. Texans are easy to please.

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