Straight-to-DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog: Happy Belated Halloween

I am pleased to report that I have unearthed another fun straight-to-video horror experience in Trick ‘r Treat, a feature that did well at fantasy film festivals all over the world, and then sat on a shelf for years waiting for a Halloween when the latest Saw did not rear its ugly head (I can only assume.)  It’s an anthology, easily the best of its kind since the orginal Creepshow, and features some pretty fantastic performances from a number of recognizable television faces and veteran character cats from the big screen, including a darkly hilarious turn from none other than Brian Cox (who is awesome because his last name is Cox.) 

It’s got four stories, psycho killers and werewolves and zombies and creepy children in odd costumes, oh my, and every one delivers.  They are all interconnected as well, unlike Creepshow, so many characters cross over from story to story, which I always enjoy.  The gore is fantastic and there is of course gratuitous female nudity thrown in for anyone who hasn’t realized you can see an infinite amount of hard core pornography for free on the internet. 

It is a bit a mystery why it didn’t get a theatrical release, given its production value, powerful producers and star-studded cast.  I figure because it was tongue-in-cheek and marketing departments have a hard time marketing “horror-comedy” because apparently the people that are hired to market movies can’t do their job (except when it comes to dull DIY haunted house horror pictures.  And stuff with zombies.)  I mean, shouldn’t someone who is paid to sell things be able to, I don’t know…sell things?  As we all know, I’m none to bright and can’t wrap my mind around things such as this.

In any event, Trick ‘r Treat is well worth the long Netflix wait.

Yours forever, Tonn.

3 thoughts on “Straight-to-DVD Corner with Tonn Slingdog: Happy Belated Halloween”

  1. Yeah TRICK ‘R TREAT is a lot of fun. Shame on Warner Bros for shelving it for so long then dumping it to DVD. This is a movie that’s made to be seen in a cinema full of people in various states of intoxication

    It perhaps doesn’t have the same kind of gruesome punctuation as the likes of CREEPSHOW, and I think that’s because Dougherty chooses keeps it fairly light.

    But the nasty stuff, when it does come, is pretty damn hilarious.

    Speaking of which, was that the fat kid from BAD SANTA?

  2. I just watched this OnDemand the other night… pretty good ‘horror’ movie. Lots of big names, and interesting story…not the same old story we usually see with horror movies.

  3. Yep, can’t wait to see that film as well. Did you get a chance to see “House of the Devil” yet? Any film that has Mary Bland and The Tooth Fairy in it has got to be somewhat intriguing…

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