GeekNation Show #208 – The Three Sisters

Wendy, Emily (Edwards,) and Annie Piatt join the Pigs as the first ever very special guest sisters! Over some popcorn, Suicide Squad is taken to task along with some other feature releases. Taken even more to task are people who didn’t like the idea of lady Ghostbusters. Not taken to task but lovely to see lending a hand is Todd’s favorite wife, Hilary Anderson. It’s movie time, hog style!

6 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #208 – The Three Sisters”

  1. But GHOSTBUSTERS is a bomb.

    $162 million on a $250 million outlay. That’s dreadful. That worse than WATERWORLD ($264m on a $235m outlay).

    1. Pretty much all summer tentpoles are struggling this year, but people love to harp on lady Ghostbusters. I think you’re missing the point of the sketch.

      1. I’d suggest people are harping on about the new GHOSTBUSTERS because it is a beloved property among the people who are now 20-40 and the most vocal and visible part of Internet geekdom, and they would harp on about it whether it starred women or Adam Sandler and his men pals. Maybe the 60+ old set are outraged at how ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS ruined their childhood but they aren’t a visible part of the Internet.

        Also apart from THE BFG no other summer tentpole has performed worse than GHOSTBUSTERS. Even INDEPENDENCE DAY which the media painted as a massive bomb is doing better.

        1. If the franchise is so beloved and precious, why didn’t this so-called fandom oppose the Channing Tatum reboot with as much vigor? The entitled response to lady Ghostbusters brought out the worst in (let’s be honest, male) fandom, that was the whole point. Sketch was written the weekend of opening, so I was hoping the movie would do better box-office-wise, but I stand by the sentiment.

          1. Well the hatred for the new GB only started when the first trailer was released, so I imagine if the Tatum version went into production and released an equally bad trailer it would have received an equal amount of hate. How many people know about an unproduced movie compared to the 30 million who viewed the trailer?

  2. There was a huge amount of hate directed at the production from the moment it was announced, long before the lackluster first trailer – which in itself didn’t deserve the rage it got, It was simply a boring trailer.

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