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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #209 – Doin’ It For Themselves

The Piatt sisters (Wendy, Emily and Annie) are back for more mayhem! Popcorn is enjoyed. The latest big movie releases are of course discussed. More importantly, however, a new gangster crime thriller trailer gets a world premiere, right here on your favorite movie show! Also, look for Hilary Anderson. She is a very nice lady. Movie times!

GeekNation Show #208 – The Three Sisters

Wendy, Emily (Edwards,) and Annie Piatt join the Pigs as the first ever very special guest sisters! Over some popcorn, Suicide Squad is taken to task along with some other feature releases. Taken even more to task are people who didn’t like the idea of lady Ghostbusters. Not taken to task but lovely to see lending a hand is Todd’s favorite wife, Hilary Anderson. It’s movie time, hog style!

GeekNation Show #100 – 300 Minus 200

Why are Steve, Steve, and Todd joined by Clare Kramer, Gabriel Olds, Kit Quinn, Scott Krinsky, Alixandree Antoine, Wendy Sweetlove, and Ro Chambeaux? Because it’s the 100th episode, and one special guest just isn’t enough! Lights! Camera! Cake! Moonshine! Popcorn! Action!

GeekNation Show #92 – Where’s The Pie At?

The Film Pigs are back once again to tell you what movies to see and what not to see, drink popcorn, and giggle uncontrollably due to light-headedness. This week they are joined by Wendy Piatt, aka Wendy Sweetlove, a Los Angeles based singer who teaches the Pigs about the importance of singing in major motion pictures. You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll love. Mostly you’ll laugh. Grab a tall glass of popcorn. You’re going to need it.