GeekNation Show #209 – Doin’ It For Themselves

The Piatt sisters (Wendy, Emily and Annie) are back for more mayhem! Popcorn is enjoyed. The latest big movie releases are of course discussed. More importantly, however, a new gangster crime thriller trailer gets a world premiere, right here on your favorite movie show! Also, look for Hilary Anderson. She is a very nice lady. Movie times!

One thought on “GeekNation Show #209 – Doin’ It For Themselves”

  1. If Karl Urban is playing Dredd in PETE’S DRAGON I might watch it.

    Hey Todd, Arrow Video have just announced they are going to release a Blu-ray of C.H.U.D.. I remember you were pissed off at Criterion when they pulled that April Fool’s prank a couple of years ago. Arrow do what Criterion don’t.

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