Podcast #116 – The Bacon: Rambo Franchise

The Film Pigs are back for another podcast, despite small-town sheriffs constantly escorting us to the county line! This time, it’s a Bacon episode that’s all about the Rambo franchise, including the latest entry, RAMBO LAST BLOOD. Consider this your SPOILER WARNING for ALL the Rambo movies, especially the ones where he stabs people with pointy things. We’ll be spoiling the hell out of those!

3 thoughts on “Podcast #116 – The Bacon: Rambo Franchise”

  1. If Rambo fucked up all the white supremacists in America it would have been a 5 minute movie.

    It’s been sad seeing you guys fall deeper and deeper under leftist, Marxist doctrine and brainwashing over the years. You guys need to get out of your LA bubble and experience the real world. Maybe live in Mexico for a couple of years?

    1. I’ve lived half my life in a red state and half in a blue and have lived/worked overseas, I have a pretty good amount of experience in the real world. We’ve never “fallen deeper” over time, we’ve always been progressive politically, and it often clashes with our love of 80s-style jingoistic action movies. “Go live in Mexico” is a convenient way to avoid thinking constructively about the systemic issues in our own country. There are plenty of white nationalists/supremacists around. Even our overwhelmingly conservative law enforcement agencies consider white nationalism a major domestic threat, especially in the Pacific Northwest (would be a First Blood callback!). It’s highly unlikely our views are going to change or that we’ll stay away from commenting on politics, so if it’s become too much for you I get that. I do appreciate you being a long time listener over the years.

    2. And here I thought you were the real deal and omniscient, but if you think white supremacy isn’t real, you are clearly a phony. So sorry to disappoint, right winger hiding behind a blasphemous moniker.
      Truth is, I never believed in you, anyway.

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