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The X-Files: I Just Want to Leave (A love letter for Marissa)

Dearest, purest Marissa,

You can do a lot better love letter-wise than nonsense promises made by Steve Falk at the end of commentaries that he couldn’t stand doing even though they’re completely his own damn fault, but here goes.  (And this is the last one I’m doing, anyone else who insists on sending angry demands, sitting through the Bratz commentary in its entirety is really your fault, not mine.  And I’m tired of writing love letters.  I know this is only my second one, but don’t you understand?  I’m so very tired.)  I figure since you are such a Pigs fan, Marissa, and clearly the same kind of movie junkie that we are, the best kind of sweet nothings I can whisper in your innocent ears are warnings about lame movies you may not have yet seen.  (If you have, well, again not my fault.) Continue reading The X-Files: I Just Want to Leave (A love letter for Marissa)

An Open Love Letter To Pete and Laxdude

poster_bratzDearest Pete and Laxdude,

Forgive the time it’s taken me to write this heartfelt love letter that Stephen Falk promised I would write to anyone who watched all of Bratz (right after he threw a tantrum that would have embarrassed my actual two-year-old.)  I have been quite busy not making any money.

It’s Pigs fans like you that make it all worthwhile.  Pete, your dedication to listening to our drunken ramblings during mostly horrid picture shows warms my cockles.  (Not a dirty word.  Look it up.  Freak.)  And Laxdude, your love of pie and the guy who played the station manager in the indie feature Buttleman along with your dislike of Lunchables makes us kindred spirits (although I find all three forms of Battlestar Galactica’s incredibly long stretches without space battles eternally frustrating, I have no idea what the difference is between union and league rugby, and I find it disconcerting that you paid money to see Hot Rod.  But, still.  Kindred spirits.) Continue reading An Open Love Letter To Pete and Laxdude