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Jeremy Renner Is Not Jason Bourne In New Bourne Movie

Jeremy Renner has been cast as the lead in the new, non-Greengrass, non-Damon Jason Bourne sequel, but is not playing Jason Bourne. Via Yahoo! Movies:

Universal couldn’t let such a profitable franchise die, though, so they gave Gilroy the director’s chair and set about casting a new lead, someone who is not Jason Bourne, but is certainly cut from his proverbial cloth.

Now, I am all for a Bourne movie without the annoying, action-destroying Paul Greengrass Super-Shaky-Cam, but a Bourne movie without Jason Bourne is kind of confusing. What’s the point? Other than the money, of course.


MICRO REVIEW: Halloween II and The Final Destination

Went to a double-feature with Todd and Hil and our friend Shereen. Sorry, no vlog, but here are the Cliffs Notes:

Halloween II (IMDb)

  • Rob Zombie assembles a perfectly acceptable corporate slasher picture, but he is hardly a visionary filmmaker. Any movie that starts with a text card explaining the symbollic imagery the director is going to use during the picture is a sign that the director has failed to properly use symbollic imagery. Continue reading MICRO REVIEW: Halloween II and The Final Destination