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Straight-to-DVD Corner with Todd: No Luck Lately

I’m sad to report that I haven’t had much luck with the horror shows I’ve been renting lately.  Most have been either mediocre (The Tattoist) or lame (Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, despite the post-credit cameo by Corey Haim as a vampire facing off against Corey Feldman…which would have made a much more interesting movie than what they came up with) to incredibly overrated by Fangoria Magazine (Home Sick, despite my favorite DTV scream queen Tiffany Shepis’s presence…and a naked presence, at that.)  And I should know by now that Fangoria trumpets a lot of shit they shouldn’t most likely because they probably get kick-backs from distribution companies and whatnot, but I keep trying out their suggestions anyway because they are the only publication out there that wastes time on these indie horror productions and every now and then they come up with a good one.
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