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MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek (2009)

It’s a summer blockbuster extravaganza! The Pigs see both X-Men Origins: Wolverine (IMDb) AND Star Trek! (IMDb) Let the season of hugely expensive, moderately entertaining cinema begin!

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Pick Your Computer Generated Poison

poster_hellboy2My friend told me she fell asleep during Hellboy II which led me to believe I’d hate it, too, but I went anyway because that’s just how much I like Ron Perlman.  I was pleasantly surprised to find I was actually entertained by the CGI heavy picture show.  I wondered why it was my friend fell asleep.  Then I remembered that she had gotten a kick out of Iron Man and that one put me to sleep.  Both movies lean on cartoons and loud noises to deliver their thrills.  And even though I was amused by Hellboy II I can’t say I was so swept up by the action that I forgot where I was.  I was very aware that I was a watching a big, silly summer movie the entire time I was watching it.  So, why didn’t it put me to sleep?  Well, I think it just boils down to a taste thing.  While most of America seems to get off on watching a rich dude building a metal suit, I prefer watching monsters beating up other monsters.  In the end, it’s all the cinematic equivelant of a cheap beer buzz.  Sometimes you’re in the mood for cheap beer and you have a laugh, other times it just makes you tired as hell. Continue reading Pick Your Computer Generated Poison

MOVIE REVIEW: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The decimated ranks of the Pigs — after the evil indie movie world stole Todd for a month of shooting — go and see the completely unnecessary Hulk reboot. Mop-toppy, CGI-y, Liv Tylery. Plus three male supporting actors fighting for who can chew the scenery fastest, like a thespian game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. (IMDb)

MOVIE REVIEW: 300 (2007)

$130 million and still at #1, the Film Pigs skip with schoolgirl-like delight to what promises to be an ultra-stylistic bloodfest: “300”. Even Falk rushes back to the States from his whirlwind European vacation to experience the sweet, sweet techno-slaughter. Two hours later, only sadness and confusion remain…Spartans! Prepare for BOREDOM! (IMDb)