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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #201: Plus One

Remember all those crazy cats who showed up last week to celebrate the 200th episode? They all came back to have more popcorn and party for 201! And every single one appears in a brand new movie trailer! Plus, a Rash Judgment from Betsy Beutler and Steve Skelton throws a fit.

GeekNation Show #200: The 200th Episode Spectacular

The Pigs didn’t even know they’d reached 200 episodes, but surprise! Betsy Beutler, James Urbaniak, Camden Singer, Charlie Weirauch, Jonathan Mangum, Jimmy Hanks, Jeff Doucette, Kit Quinn, Alixandree Antoine, PJ Marino, Karen Praxel, Tessa Munro, JD Ryznar, Winston Story, Shannon Hillary, Gabe Olds, Scott Krinsky and of course Clare Kramer all stop by to tell their favorite stories about the Film Pigs and have as much popcorn as they goddamn well please because IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE! Happy 200th, Piggies.

GeekNation Show #114: The Ryz

J.D. Ryznar is back for more hijinks with the Pigs. After toasting popcorn, the Rash Judgments fly and J.D. nearly blows a gasket because of a cartoon. Then, the Pigs unveil a movie trailer from the future. Because they have a time machine somehow. We’re all in terrible danger! Continue reading GeekNation Show #114: The Ryz

GeekNation Show #81: Stopover

Everyone’s favorite oinkers are joined by special guest JD Ryznar to talk about the latest releases hitting your local cinema. Also, Mr. Ryznar shares trade secrets on how to have a successful film franchise. Pour a glass of popcorn, put your feet up, and get ready for non-stop action and hilarity. Continue reading GeekNation Show #81: Stopover

Podcast #52 – The Curious Case of Shia LaBeouf

February brings us a brand-new Film Pigs Podcast! As if that wasn’t amazing enough, this episode features special guest J.D. Ryznar (@JDRyznar)! How is this possible? J.D. stopped by to guest star on our GeekNation web show and stayed for the magic of the podcast (Scotch). So, enjoy a podcast chock full of movie news, scintillating discussion, celebrity trials, bizarre line readings, challenging games, massive run-on sentences, and the first ever cross-Pigs media callback/forward jokes!

Continue reading Podcast #52 – The Curious Case of Shia LaBeouf