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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #157 – Worsties Parade Part Three

Desmin Borges returns to the Pigs for the celebratory parade of You’re The Worst (September 9th on FXX) stars. After enjoying some popcorn and talking about the week’s big releases including Straight Outta Compton, the boys unveil a new trailer for another Hitman movie. It’s amaze-balls.

GeekNation Show #156 – Worsties Parade Part Two

You’re The Worst and Wolf of Wall Street star Aya Cash drops by for her first ever Film Pigs appearance. After teaching the boys a few things about how to judge something rashly with her take on Fantastic Four, she delivers an important public service announcement for stand up comics. She’ll make you laugh, the Pigs will make you cry (assuming you’ve had too much popcorn.)