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We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #197 – Agee With Us

You didn’t get enough of Steve Agee on the Film Pigs last week, did you? Well, good news! The tall guy is back for my hijinks! He downs some popcorn with the boys, talks about the week’s big movie releases including Neighbors 2 and The Nice Guys, and then he unveils a world premier trailer for an upcoming movie in which he stars! Wowza!

GeekNation Show #196 – Long and Tall

The mighty Steve Agee returns to the Film Pigs to talk with the popcorn swilling fellas about Money Monster, The Darkness, and The Lobster. That’s a whole lot of movies that nobody is going to see because the latest Marvel thing is only in its second week. But this is a weekly show, and it’s so very important that you have a laugh at the expense of movies. Also, Mr. Agee has a very serious complaint about discrimination in Hollywood.

GeekNation Show #60 – Sit, Agee, Sit. Good Dog

Steve Agee, popular L.A. comic and really tall person, is back with the Pigs for popcorn and talk of the week’s feature film releases. And he shares the world premiere of a trailer from his upcoming family-friendly movie in which he plays a dog who dreams of breaking into show business. Laughter, love, and lunacy abound!